Extra Life – Year One

Playing Video Games to Benefit Others?

I have decided to sign-up and participate in Extra Life, which will benefit Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Extra Life is essentially a fundraiser for gamers. So, while some people run marathons for fundraisers, Extra Life allows gamers to participate in a good cause while doing something they already love.

I am excited about this event not only because of the positive impact it will bring to the community and children, but also because it gives me an excuse to play video games for an ENTIRE day. I mean, I would not normally feel good about playing video games for an entire day, but due to this event I have a reason to finally beat The Witcher 3 (again), own some noobs in Fortnite, and possibly, shout at some Dovah (Dragons) in Skyrim. All the while, I can smile and know my hard efforts are benefiting the community and those at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Plus…. Kenz (my bride-to-be), has to be OK with it :). Come on, how cool is that?

Below are my top hopes for this event:

A). Have so much fun I will sign-up for next year!

B). Raise $500.00 or more to help support some sick kids.

C). Create a team/have some people over to participate in the fun (and hopefully live stream some of it).

D). Drink plenty of mountain dew, eat Doritos, and maybe…just maybe…. have a glass of whiskey.

Every little bit helps and NO amount is TOO LITTLE! So, if you want to join me in helping to make a difference in the community, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, or because this event will help out at least one sick kid hopefully get better, donate here today!

Thanks for reading, and your consideration!


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