Meeting of the Milwaukee Meetups on a Monday….Too many M’s in one sentence? Probably.

Short review of the first “Meet the Meetups” in Milwaukee.

May 14th, 2018 was Milwaukee’s first meeting of “Meet the Meetups.” It was a gathering of some of the largest Meetups in the greater Milwaukee area (some Madison Meetups/attendees as well). Bringing together over 20 Meetup groups seems like a crazy initiative, but Matt Cordio and the rest of the Milwaukee Meetups groups managed to do this the other night. What was the result?

It was fantastic!

Sure, people complained about the audio (and the overflow room) – but other than that – it was a great event… which will only get better over time. (Presently, there is a survey going around to improve upon these previously mentioned items and more).
The ability to bring together so much diversity into one event and have everyone networking with each other was an incredible experience, to say the least. Personally, I was able to say hello to people I see often but this event also helped me generate new contacts and to grow my network that much more – a network that will hopefully benefit me as much as the people I met that day.

Matt Cordio, the sponsors, and the organizers deserve every bit of thanks for helping to put on such an incredible event. They are the ones that are helping to transform the atmosphere in Milwaukee, to connect us with others to generate more business and ideas and to show the rest of the country that we are very good at other things than drinking beer and making cheese.


So, thank you again to Matt Cordio, the sponsors, and the organizers. I look forward to next event!


Note: Credit for the photo goes to Matt Cordio, Twitter, and Roman Reynebeau.

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